15-летие Обойной Фабрики «ЭДЕМ»

ГК «SUNRAY», г.Днепропетровск, сентябрь 2013 г

Описание проекта

Wallpaper factory “Edem” is the leader on the Ukrainian market. We were set a task to organize a celebration of 15th anniversary, which was attended by partners, suppliers, distributors and foreign guests. The number of guests – 200. The event consisted of official and entertaining parts and was carried out near Dnipropetrovsk, on the river bank in five-star hotel resort “Sun Ray”. www.sunray.dp.ua

Also such celebrities as Dmitry Dyuzhev and Nadezhda Meykher (presenters); Rumores (band group), “AlterEgo” (string quartet); Vera Brezhneva, Ivan Dorn, Kelly Joyce (head liners of evening) were invited and pleased quests with their performances.

The event consisted of two parts which were divided by festive firework. 15 volleys of unbelievable beauty were displayed from the barge on water which arrived at appointed time to prevent guests from noticing the ship at daylight. The event took place on the beach. We covered sand with plywood and placed there a carpet and tables.

Initially a zone with a stage looked like a fixed construction with a runway called «A petal». The event was supposed to take place in the open air. However, there were only 3 days left before the event when we found out about a heavy rain. In cooperation with the Customer we came up with a solution to rent two more tents of the same type and combine all three “petals” in one closed space.

The task was rather difficult. We fixed the ridgepoles of two “Petals” in the water and placed LED screens inside this construction and along the perimeter, installed sound and light equipment, fit the technical cabin in a guests’ area. We are used to emergency solutions, and everything was finished on time, without any delays. It resulted in a magnificent venue covered by roof.

All our plans and ideas were implemented without any difficulties. There was a festive, bright and friendly atmosphere; all guests, co-workers, stars and organizers were full of positive emotions. Everything was awesome! At the end of celebration we exchanged courtesies with our Customer and his employees, wished each other bright, unforgettable and successful holidays. We pride ourselves on one more new portfolio of our favourite Customer. Our cooperation began in 2008 and continues up to now.

Thank you, Alexander Anatolyevich!

  • Client

    Обойная фабрика ``Эдем``

  • Skills

    • 200 человек гостей
    • Партнеры
    • Поставщики
    • Иностранные гости
    • Дмитрий Дюжев
    • Вера Брежнева
    • Иван Дорн
    • Келли Джойс
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