Ресторан «Хутор», июнь 2013 г

Описание проекта

Organizing a prom is not a very simple task. There are a lot of pupils, twice as many relatives as school leavers, and each of them definitely knowns how to do it best.

Frankly speaking, greatness lies in simplicity if you start preparation to prom in advance.

On our initiative the restaurant was booked one year before the event: at the end of 10th grade. It was the right step, because in September it was really difficult to find a venue which was suitable in all respects.

«Di Entertainment»  started thinking over the concept of the prom in summer. Video recording and photo shooting began on the 1st September. During all academic year we filmed and took photos of school leavers while going for a walk. The last school dance should always be well organized. That’s why from the very beginning of the second term all students had to attend lessons with a choreographer.

The process was exciting but also difficult at times. As for the dance, pupils had to dance a waltz but we also tried to make it special and unforgettable. The waltz turned out to be an illusion that slowly changed into bright and modern medley.

So, the hall in «Khutor» was divided into two parts: official and entertaining. This area was turned into a dance floor after the official part and during flurry of activity outside. We prepared the right technical assistance and took care not only of light and sound but also installed LED-screens for our numerous videos (clips for teachers, pupils’ videos, final song and slideshow of different photos including Farewell Bell).

The official part ended in the same breath. Parents and teachers amazed children with their talent. When parents danced the same medley as their children, the audience gave them a big round of applause, and children stood up and started to dance with their parents.

There was a video about every pupil which was presented by offscreen voice. Altogether there were 40 videos! «Di Entertainment» and graduates prepared humorous performance about a school life. All guests and especially teachers were most amused to see a video about breaks at school.

The famous MC from Odessa was both DJ and presenter.

The prom was so exciting that nobody even noticed the morning!

Expenses were basic and didn’t differ from all secondary schools in the city.

We were especially pleased with the public reaction.This prom was the best over the last years and city authorities acknowledged it!

We highly appreciate not only teachers and gymnasium administration but also parents who were very receptive to the complicated process of organization of prom.

We also respect the most active parents who were an integral part of this prom!

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