Birthday #Anna 18th

Kyiv, 2016

What can you present to your child for his or her adulthood? We always want to continue a fairy-tail in our children’s life. Only one thing crosses the mind – to organize a stunning and unexpected surprise.

Exactly this is what the loving Anna’s parents did. Their daughter turned 18. Relatives of a birthday girl had agreed with her friends in advance that the holiday would be in the restaurant “Krendel” and everyone would gathered there before Ann’s arrival.

The photo zone where soon will be the photo session was prepared in the restaurant. A presenter and a DJ were working as a funny entertainment while guests were waiting for a birthday girl. Words can’t do Ann’s emotions justice when she entered the festal room full of riddles and surprises.

Ann got her breath after a pleasant shock, however, it wasn’t the end of surprises. A Party Bus – a huge bus equipped for the party and karaoke was waiting for everyone at the entrance. Guys had a good time, danced a lot and sang a lot too. But we had more surprises!

Unrivaled Marta Adamchuk was waiting for Ann and her guests on their return to the restaurant. She was rejoicing the public with her silk velvet voice. Marta and our talented birthday girl who also sings very well, even performed a song together.

At the end, there was a cake! Festive, sweet and the first in an adult life.

«Di Entertainment» company made a grown-up fairy-tail came true for the birthday girl.

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