Детский праздник Лизе 6 лет

Ресторан «Камелот», г.Днепропетровск, 2016 г

Описание проекта

Would you like to organize an event within a week? Is it your child’s Birthday with 20 children of different age and twice as many adults as kids? Of course we can do that, but we are not very keen on such tight deadline.

Our task involved organizing not only an entertaining part for kids but also creating, suggesting and approving of a modern photo zone with paper flowers, making decision on the meeting place of guests (while taking into account weather conditions), organizing a thrilling Quest, pyrotechnic show, clip about the Birthday Girl and a Birthday cake. It was not an easy task to create a video because all photos were received only 5 days before the event. We want to      work to the highest standard, have the script and tape editing approved by the Customer. In this case 5 days played a low-down trick. Of course, the clip was OK, but not as good as it could be if we didn’t have such tight deadline. We write this for two reasons:

1.     Nothing is impossible.

2.     Our dear Customer, please, let us do everything in advance!


We were really delighted with the weather, because guests’ reception and the quest were supposed to take place in the open air.

Beautiful people with good-looking kids were coming to Liza’s Birthday. Genuine smiles, joyfulness, greetings and photos with guests in front of brand wall created a festive atmosphere. Children were ready for activities; they couldn’t wait to take part in a quest. Children were divided into two teams and started their exciting trip to the world behind the looking-glass. Dozens of fascinating tasks, action games, pictorial puzzles and riddles were waiting for them. Every child turned out to different at various stages of the game. What we were all happy about is that children became a team!

When the Quest finished, happy and tired children ran to their parents to the restaurant because they were hungry. After kids had their refreshments they all wanted to continue their exciting trip that had already finished according to our plan. At parents’ request we carried on outside activities for children.

After it grew dark we went outside to see a firework. Fiery inscription which said «Liza’s 6th Birthday», firework spinners, lightning up path, background firework both surprised and pleased the girl, her eyes were full of excitement and her smile was the indicator of genuine happiness.

Birthday cake with candles, party poppers and dances for children and their parents were waiting for guests in the restaurant.

It was a great Birthday! Guests, Birthday Girl and parents were very glad and expressed their gratitude. We were also offered to organize the next event!

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