New Year Corporate Party «Intercerama»

Dnipro 2017 y.

Nowadays people are accustomed to the most incredible and it is extremely difficult to surprise someone. In order not only to surprise but also to knock everyone dead the «Di Entertainment» team has organized a New Year corporate for the “Interkerama” company in an original and very mysterious manner – in the Venice Carnival style. Guests were extremely responsible about the holiday, therefore, having gathered in one room they simply have not recognized each other! Festive outfits, amazing “live” statues, decorated carnival masks to which even the headliner of the event Olha Polyakova was ready to sing praises not on “Oh God what the men” but on “Oh God what the masks”! There were candles twinkling around, the spirit of magic and expectation of New Year holidays was in the air!

We thought out each binding detail of this event carefully. The artists’ performance was not chosen by chance. Talented violinist Korica performed modern compositions in combination with a laser show so that guests of the evening got the goose bumps; the faerie neon show Ligth Balance and cover-band “FireWire” hit the dance floor with the first song. Even the most modest guests of the Venice Carnival began to dance … Olha Polyakova stirred up the audience so much that everybody was singing. Even those who cannot sing, even those whom hindered the massive Venetian masks! This is the New Year, what a pity that only once a year!

All those who are still neglecting corporate events – follow the example of the “Interkerama” company, they are huge fellows! In addition, see the photoreport about how you should rest to continue working with a pleasure for a long time.

If you are already jealous and reflecting on the occasion for your holiday, then choose the category of your event faster, the «Di Entertainment» team guarantees you an unforgettable event.

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