Paris for two

France, Paris, 2016

Project Details

Each romantic associates this word with love. Paris is a capital of French kisses, tender hugs, gastronomic masterpieces and amazing views on centuries-old buildings. Maybe it’s the reason why Paris is the best place for a romantic trip. This knew our clients, who wanted to unordinary congratulate their dearest and nearest with getting married.

We were addressed to organize an unforgettable weekend for lovers in Paris. We have already organized holidays in this city, so we immediately got plenty of faerie ideas for surprise for a newly married couple.

Everything was like…

During the whole trip, our just married were founding envelopes with pleasant unexpectedness, congratulations from their relatives, plans of trip and map of glamorous capital.

The first surprise was a walk to the Eiffel Tower, where they met a virtuosic accordionist playing French chanson. The couple was offered snacks, sandwiches, tea and plaids in case of bad weather.

There were also tickets to a tour on the Seine River, tickets to the museum and invitation to Montmartre, the most famous carrousel of Paris, in envelope.

A French mime with a baguette who had prepared interesting and funny tasks for the couple was waiting for them on Montmartre. The mime went with lovers for a walk, took pictures of them, led them to the artist alley and offered to sit near one of the authors for a portrait. Couple of minutes and the portrait was ready. The portrait, which had been prepared in advance and painted from the photo.

That was a fairy-tail in waking life. Dear just married, we wish you happiness and a plenty of bright surprises in your life!

  • Client

    Private person

  • Skills

    • мимы
    • пианист-виртуоз
    • анимации