Семинар «AMWAY»

С участием Таисии Повалий и Николая Баскова, Крым, МДЦ «Артек», 2008 г

Project Details

«Amway» company turned to us as to a general contractor for managing the organization of seminar for independent entrepreneurs from the former Soviet Union. ICC «Artek» was chosen as a venue. It is all Union health resort in Soviet times and a childhood dream of all participants of this seminar. This event took place on the stadium next to Ayu-Dag.

Project works started half a year before the event. «Di Entertainment» as a general contractor had to discuss the possible seminar and its date with the administration of this center. Our main task was to understand a hierarchy of ICC, look into the matter of authorization documents and infrastructure to reach our goals. The next step was logistics: meeting 200 big buses and letting them park next to the stadium. Metal detecting archways were installed for reasons of safety. According to weather forecast it was going to rain. That’s why we prepared raincoats for participants of the seminar. Assuming the quantity of seats the stadium could make room for 7200 participants. So, 7800 additional seats were delivered and placed on the stadium as orchestra chairs. The stage with wide central stair steps and a red carpet and extra LED screens along the perimeter of the stadium were installed. All event was recorded by professional        videographers with the help of camera crane and helicopter.

The Customer provided us with the list of performers. Our task was to turn it into a script with official opening, make the performances of celebrities exciting and add a turning moment with the performance of «Amway» company leader. It was a beautiful, wise, talented and charismatic Natalia Ena.

Among all participants there were 100 VIP who we knew personally and by names.

Taisiya Povaliy and Nikolay Baskov performed on the stage at the end of the event.

As you might understand there is also one part of work after the project such as consummation of contractual arrangements with the ICC but actually it is not so interesting.

At the very beginning of our cooperation we promised Natalia that she would never manage the organization off-stage. We promised to be her «hands, feet and eyes» on the event and she just had to send out a signal and we would come and help with her request. In her turn Natalia promised us to stay in her central seat in VIP zone and enjoy the performance. Both sides kept their promises!

All projects under Natalia Ena’s guidance with «Amway» company are really interesting and unforgettable!

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