Сюрприз в Париже

г. Париж, ноябрь 2015 г

Project Details

It was her Birthday! Loving husband wondered if it was possible to organize a surprise party for his wife abroad in Paris.

The task was quite interesting and romantic. It was filled with love, mystery and intentions to surprise and please his beloved wife. What can be better than tender passion between a man and a woman, a husband and a wife? Several years ago «Di Entertainment» organized a stylish and original wedding. Actually this couple is non-standard, they are unbelievably harmonious and free! Guys were willing to see Kuzma Skryabin at their wedding, so they even postponed the wedding date according to his schedule. The groom recorded his speech and he was wearing a trendy suit and sneakers! It was an extraordinary couple – absolutely one of a kind!

They haven’t changed since that time at all. Alexander decided to surprise his wife and mother of his child again.

We had to arrange guys’ surprise meeting at the railway station in Paris, where they arrived from London. At the last moment we found out that it was Nadezhda’s Birthday!

She was so impressed! Mims, balloons, macarons and a music box with her favourite song “Sous le ciel de Paris” were so nice and surprising for Nadya in Paris which was thousands miles away from her motherland.

However, it was not the end! Alexander decided to amaze his beloved wife even more and there was a piano decorated with flowers in front of their hotel windows in the central street in Paris. A piano virtuoso played this piano in the evening after sunset.

Alexander and Nadezhda were dancing to piano sounds in the street in Paris, showing their love and tenderness, joyfulness and happiness, freedom and greatness of everything that was happening around them. They were aware of being Mr. and Mrs. Right for each other during all this years.

As a gift, Parisian art photographer captured the perfect image for guys.

Dear Nadezhda and Alexander, thank you for your positive emotions and for letting us become a part of your event!

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  • Skills

    • 200 человек гостей
    • Партнеры
    • Поставщики
    • Иностранные гости
    • Дмитрий Дюжев
    • Вера Брежнева
    • Иван Дорн
    • Келли Джойс
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