День Рожденье

День Рождения, Испания, 2014 г

Как нам это удалось организовать.

Our regular Customer made a decision to celebrate his wife’s Birthday in Spain. All guests, actors and “Di Entertainment” are from Ukraine.

It was very important to understand, plan and organize the event without having missed any detail.

Our offer on preliminary flight of the representative of the organizer to the city on the southern coast of Spain, where Birthday was supposed to take place, was rejected. We received contact details of the person who we interacted with through modern means of communication and this person was our “hands, feet and eyes” in Spain.

The customer approved the following actors: Ivan Dorn, Ani Lorak, TV presenter of M1 channel Denis Christof, DJ Petrov. All other elements, such as floristics, video and photographing, local color, gifts were arranged in Spain. The first stage was accomplished.

We decided on the area (it was the Kempinski Hotels) and accommodation of actors and organizers, also chose the best contractors (the company on technical assistance of the project, florists, transport company) and signed contracts with all of them.

We thoroughly looked through both hospitality and technical riders, took into account a remote location of the airport and early beginning of the event and in cooperation with our Customer we made a decision on arrival of celebrities one day before. This decision was right and timely for the entire project.

Two organizers from “Di Entertainment” arrived one day earlier and checked everything including a hotel, a hall, technical assistance, transport logistics, make-up rooms, access ways to this place.

So, it’s about time to celebrate Birthday.

The hall was decorated in white and lime tones, floristic compositions gave a charm, an ease and freshness to all holiday.

In the hall, in front of a banquet room guests were welcomed by Spanish guitarists, a buffet reception with Spanish delicacies, souvenirs for women (jeweler bracelets decorated with a live orchid), and, of course, a photo with the Birthday Girl near the brand wall.

Happiness and peace reigned in a banquet room. Glad and joyful guests arrived and their happy smiles lit up the hall. The event was dynamic, interesting, accurate and well-coordinated.

We are pleased without false modesty to organize such remarkable events, it is so important when you are trusted and your professionalism is not questioned.

There’s always time for happiness in our life!

  • Client

    Частное лицо ``Муж`` :)

  • Skills

    • Иване Дорн
    • Ани Лорак
    • Денис Христов
    • Dj Антон Петров
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