Unserious anniversary of a serious man

“SUNRAY”, Dnipro, 2016

Описание проекта

The call from the Customer for whom we opened the mall six years ago on New Year’s Eve has pleasantly surprised us. His question sounded like: “Diana, do you organize Birthday parties?” My question was foreseeable: “YES, of course”. We had to meet immediately because the Customer with his family were leaving for a winter holiday abroad and would come back only in two weeks before Birthday. We had had three short meetings on 29th, 30th and 31st of December before they left. We heard the entire Customer’s preferences, understood his wife’s vision of the feast and got pre-payment. Then we had online conversations usually late in the evening. And all these brought interest to our project. However, it was not the least. Our director-scriptwriter was also abroad and planned to return not until March. Thus, we were even more interested in this project!

So, that’s what we had: Customer preferences, confirmed performing show-presenter and head liner, approximately amount of guests – 70 people and nothing else.

What we were going to do: to build up a concept, to invent a program, to surprise the guests, to plan out unpredictable situations in the program’s script, to think through all the details beginning with invitations and ending with souvenirs and giving remarkable photos to our guests. There were plenty of details! And we should connect the dots.

It is always uneasy to surprise the guests who have seen a lot on such kind of events. We tried to get maximum information from the birthday man about what they had already seen on other events.

The concept was confirmed: Unserious anniversary of a serious man. Presenter Sergej Pritula, band “Tik”, piano virtuoso Mike Kaufman-Portnikov, singer, participater of Ukrainian “The Voice” Viktoriya Olize, ballet “Colors”, mime artist Konstantin Podtyazhkin, cover-band “MazurBand” took part in the program. There were pleasant surprises and draw games such as dancing waiters, falling cake, folk festival with the choir “Chervona kalyna”, remarkable photos from the event, presents and festive firework for the guests.

But surprise waited for us as it usually happens in every job. It seemed that we confirmed everything, laconism and dynamics of the project was clear, the place for event was chosen by the Customer himself and we accepted his choice with pleasure. On return from the rest together with the Customer and his wife, we went to the restaurant and there was a surprise. A birthday man got a doubt concerning the accuracy of the chosen location for the event. He had imagined it in a different way. It seemed to him there wasn’t enough space. And together we went to think what to do with this.

Of course, the Customer is always right – it’s an axiom! However, the Contractor sees the whole situation and is in charge of the project quality at large. It was that case. We were ready to move the whole event to other site at the Customer’s will and then we should change the concept globally, thus an event in the city and out of it has different opportunities. It’s not difficult to change, but many key ideas can be lost.

I am very grateful to our Customer who having looked into my eyes and without words noticed the depth of my thought said: “Diana, I see you are upset. Do you really think it will be better there?” I answered “Million times YES”. I am thankful to him, he put his trust in us, he even found some arguments himself in a benefit for the first location. Smile on my face spoke for itself!

We did it! We did it together! We were sympathetic and sensitive to each other wishes. As a result, we got truly funny, warm-hearted and unifying event. Our guests had a chance to talk to artists, take photos, get presents, get surprised and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of happy show.

We are also grateful to the birthday man’s wife – she was that connection, which helped to make right cooperation between all elements of the event. And thanks to her for her courage – surprise to her husband has happened after all!

What can be more wonderful than when everybody gets what he/she wants: the family of the birthday man got amazing and impressive event, we got planned result and true delight in our work!

  • Client

    Private person

  • Skills

    • Сергей Притула
    • камеди «Варъяти-шоу»
    • группа «Тик»
    • пианист-виртуоз Майк Кауфман-Портников
    • вокалистка
    • участница проекта «Голос Країни» Виктория Олизе
    • балет «Colors»
    • мим Константин Подтяжки
    • кавер-группа «МазурБэнд»